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HPN Custom Media & Publishing is a one-stop source for all of your custom media needs, including turnkey book design, writing, editing and production. We also offer our clients separately-customized services including print, digital, photo and video media solutions, as well as related website design and events management services.

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Products & Services

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Our experienced and multitalented team has been providing these solutions to clients including cities, chambers of commerce, trade associations, corporations, foundations, and institutions across the U.S. for over 40 years. Our customized media & publishing products include, but are not limited to:

Anniversary & Commemorative Books

Book Cover: Fort Collins at 150

Corporate & Institutional Annual Reports

Neighborhood History & Transformation Books

Book Cover: Historic Alexandria

Economic Development & Tourism Promotion Books

Book Cover: Discover El Paso

Product & Brand Promotion Books

Book Cover: Water Builds Hope

Family & Individual Heritage & Legacy Books

Book Cover: Payday


The benefits of a professionally-written photo-rich history, heritage, or anniversary custom book can be enjoyed by any organization, family or individual.

  • Creates positive public relations goodwill and further enhances your organization’s or family’s, and/or brand’s standing and visibility.

  • Leaves a powerful legacy and adds to your assets for confidently managing the present, overcoming challenges, and comfortably building the future.

  • Represents an invaluable gift for associates, partners, current & prospective employees, clients, suppliers, civic & government leaders, family & friends, and serves as an effective marketing tool for your organization and/or brand.

In addition to designing, editing and producing glossy custom coffee table books marking clients’ commemorative or transformational milestones, HPN-CMP offers a wide array of complementary media services.

These additional services include designing custom websites dedicated to a specific commemoration or celebration as well as producing and managing related events in a convenient turnkey package to fit clients’ specific needs. Individualized quotes and proposals for complementary services are readily available upon request. Our turnkey custom media solutions are built upon 40 years of experience with a stellar track record, offering peace of mind for our clients.

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Let us bring your heritage to life! Commemorating your 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th or 100th Anniversary? Celebrating a historical or transformational milestone? Do it with a glossy photo-rich coffee table book!

Book Cover: Historic St. Louis
Book Cover: Making San Antonio
Book Cover: Failure is Not an Option
Book Cover: Water Builds Hope
Book Cover: Bakersfield
Book Cover: Texas Petroleum
Book Cover: Historic Columbus
Book Cover: In the Midst of Gods Creation

Clients we have served for over 40 years

Now, let us tell your story.

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Community Heritage Series
Cityscape Series
Industry Histories

Let us tell your story. Call us at (833) 533-4363 or email us at info@hpncustommedia.com →

About Us

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HPN Books is an operating-division of Ledge Media, a well-established specialty publishing house with locations in Southern California, San Antonio, Texas, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Historical Publishing Network, or HPN Books, was founded in 1973 as Lammert Publications Inc. originally publishing community and business newspapers, local magazines and directories for organizations such as Chambers of Commerce.

For over 40 years, HPN Books has carved out a leading position for turnkey design, production, and marketing of limited edition photography-rich coffee table books that focus on promoting the unique heritage and history of hundreds of communities, cities and regions across the United States, publishing thousands of distinct book titles for the Historical Publishing Network’s many sponsors and clients.

These glossy hard-cover coffee table books are typically sponsored by city mayors, county officials, trade associations, chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, libraries, educational and healthcare institutions, with the participation of local businesses and institutions which purchase profile pages in these books to prominently feature and/or advertise their organizations.

HPN Custom Media & Publishing or CMP, a sister-division of HPN Books, offers custom media & publishing solutions to nonprofit organizations, trade associations, foundations, companies, churches, colleges, universities and healthcare institutions to commemorate and celebrate key historical or transformational milestones, promote their heritage and legacy, or to enhance their brand and reputational standing in their markets and communities.

Today, a proudly woman-owned company led by Ledge Media’s founder and CEO, the new President of HPN Books, Daphne Fletcher, a veteran publisher and editor of thousands of books.

Our Process

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Upon engagement, we assign a multidisciplinary project team to work closely with the client to not only define the title and look of the commissioned book, but above all to collaboratively develop the book’s “soul and theme”, which come alive through our proprietary interactive research and interview process.

Once the goal and needs of a client, and thus the scope of the commissioned book, are more clearly defined through the interview process, our writers, editors and photographers spring into action, and typically spend days at the client’s site to compile first-hand material and illustrations for the book.

Researching and mining through the history and heritage of a corporation, foundation, association, education or government institution, or an individual client, our team is able to unearth exceptional content which it develops into powerful stories that make the client’s heritage and legacy come to life.

The client’s employees, customers, partners, benefactors and shareholders highly value a credible story which unites a corporation’s or organization’s past to its present and to its future, and thus enhances the corporation’s or organizations’ community standing, its brand reputation, or celebrates an important milestone, anniversary, reunion- or a transformational event.

The results of our work include breathtaking photo-rich coffee table books which may be complemented by a dedicated website, digital “flip-book”, and/or by related events to commemorate a historical milestone, introduce or promote a product or brand, or to present an organization’s annual report with more impressive visuals.

Let us tell your story. Call us at (833) 533-4363 or email us at info@hpncustommedia.com →

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Email: info@hpncustommedia.com
Phone (Toll Free): (833) 533-4363
Phone (San Antonio Office): (210) 787-3993
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am–5pm

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