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Remember when you were in school? Chances are you (or someone you knew) thought history class was boring. Like “why are we here in the first place” boring.  But then you matured. Then you realized you can learn a lot about where you are at now, because of what went on before you. There are many reasons to study history – and most of them are wrong. History is a window into the past to find patterns and then establish meaning to them. History is both a science and an art, combining the careful analysis of evidence with compelling storytelling. The HPN Books Community Heritage series does just that – a careful analysis of evidence with compelling storytelling.

Compelling and informative, engaging and interesting, this series documents the seemingly never-ending depths of your region with expert accuracy and superb storytelling. Flipping through the pages of a HPN Books Community Heritage series book is like a history museum visit without the museum. Your region’s past brought to life today, tomorrow and forever.

It’s the perfect book to show to family, friends, colleagues and guests about why your region is absolutely like no other. What made your region stand out? The HPN Books Community Heritage series shows it like you’ve never, ever seen or read before.

  • A glorious narrative history of your region
  • Keen historical photographs, paintings and other appropriate graphics
  • Gorgeous photography of historic sites, buildings and memorials
  • Business History Section
  • Business profiles fund the project
  • Add compelling business history prospective to the book


Generous Royalties: HPN Books partners with counties, states, cities, state agencies, chambers of commerce, educational and cultural & historic preservations institutions, who sponsor the book at no cost to them. With that sponsorship, HPN then underwrites the upfront costs associated with publishing a book. It’s important to understand that all of this is at no-cost or risk to you.

HPN then secures the support of local businesses and institutions, which purchase profile pages in these books. By purchasing the profile pages, they prominently feature and advertise their organizations in a first-rate publication.

When the book is complete, you receive royalties on the profiles sold by our dedicated program manager assigned to your book project. This ensures the book’s successful outcome. You also receive copies of the book – at no cost – which you can sell, use as gifts and incorporate into promotions.

Raise $20,000 to $150,000 for your organization and raise your profile!

No risk, very little effort on your part, royalties and a one-of-a-kind book. That’s what’s in it for you.


A Panorama of Life in the Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

HPN’s newest Community Heritage entry showcases the dynamic Lehigh Valley region in eastern Pennsylvania. Entitled “A Panorama of Life in the Lehigh Valley,” the book examines this truly emerging region in eastern Pennsylvania, comprised of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon counties. With text by noted historian Karen Samuels, and framed brilliantly by photographer Jodi Keim, the book features seven intriguing chapters that takes the reader inside what makes the Lehigh Valley so dynamic today. Focusing on historical landmarks, the region’s incredible growing economy, the libraries that have taught generations the beauty of the written word, the arts scene, the wealth of activities that make life special, and festivals and celebrations that bring people together, this book reveals why the Lehigh Valley is one of the nation’s best kept secrets.


The book is a true regional effort, as the Allentown Public Library, the Bethlehem Public Library and the Easton Area Public Library are serving as Legacy Sponsors. Other organizations, municipalities and companies are currently exploring interest in the project. The book has also garnered the full support of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Pennsylvania senators Pat Browne, Lisa Boscola and Mario Scavello, who represent the Lehigh Valley. This unified effort is for one simple reason – everyone knows this book will tell the Lehigh Valley’s story in a way that has never been done before.


HPN’s Community Heritage Series offers more than a coffee table book. It provides a historically aesthetic document that showcases the culture and character of your community. The developing Lehigh Valley project will provide sponsors generous royalties. The key point is that none of the Lehigh Valley sponsors are TAKING ANY OF THE RISK associated with publishing a historical book.  Rather the Lehigh Valley is leveraging HPN Books’ 45years of experience in publishing. As a result, their partnership results in financial benefits to their communities with almost no effort whatsoever. HPN does the heavy lifting, with an industry expertise and knowledge no community organization could possible have or invest in, while still turning an attractive profit.


HPN Books could talk until we are blue in the face about why your community would benefit from working with us. But we’ll let others do the talking.

“Historic Rio Grande was met with unbelievable enthusiasm by people from all over the Rio Grande Valley. The work done by HPN Books was superb.” – Bill Summers, president and CEO, Rio Grande Valley (Texas) Partnership


The value of an HPN Books Community Heritage Series book is undeniable. Think it won’t work? Think again. It does and will for you as well.

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