HPN Books’ Proven No-Cost Fundraising Program: How it Can Work for You

What if there was a fundraising program that wouldn’t cost you anything and you didn’t have to devote a lot of hard work, time and effort in implementing it, and with no staff-time requirement from your organization at all? Does this sound too good? With HPN Books, this is actually true.

HPN Books presents an innovative fund-raising concept that is an exciting, multi-faceted opportunity meeting your organizational goals for both civic engagement & enhancement and income generation. The concept can be applied with either HPN Books’ Community Heritage or Cityscape book-series.

The following organizations have utilized our unique book program:  City and County Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Institutions including Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Historical Preservation Societies, Museums, and Public Libraries.

The opportunity to publish a high-quality coffee table book allows your organization to present your community with prestige and distinction. Whether you focus on preserving the historical background or depicting the present day atmosphere, you will have a tasteful publication denoting everything that makes your community unique, exciting and noteworthy.

All you have to do is agree to become a Sponsor of the book, and HPN Books does all the rest.

Here is how our cost-free fund-raising program actually works: Local businesses are invited to partner in the project by purchasing business profile pages in the second section of the book. HPN Books handles all the required book-design tasks including hiring renowned photographer(s) and writer(s), editing and  printing production, marketing and sales, all at no-risk or cost to you. Once the book is completed, you receive royalties on profiles and advertisements sold within the book’s pages as well as on book sales. You will also receive copies of the book (at no cost), which you can sell, use as gifts and incorporate into promotions.

HPN Books’ 45 years of experience and successful track-record in helping organizations and communities raise funding through the publication of Community Heritage and Cityscape coffee-table books show that a County, City or town of virtually any size can financially benefit from such a publication.

To find out more about how HPN Books’ unique cost-free fundraising program can help you meet your fundraising goals, please contact info@hpncustommedia.com.