Weber Co., UT: Where People, Innovation & Recreation Connect

Written by: Robert A. Hunter
Photography: Ron Kusina
Published by HPN-Books

Lammert Inc. (d/b/a HPN Books & Custom Media) presents our latest book-project sponsored by Weber County ‘s Government led by Kerry W. Gibson, Chair of the Board of County Commisioners of Weber County.

This major project-undertaking on Weber County was initiated by Bart Barica, our Salt Lake City based Sales & Project Manager. This completed project-endeavor yielded a stunningly beautiful hardcover coffee-table book, rich in color photos depicting Weber County’s long history, economic development and thriving businesses, culture and people behind these accomplishments.

Corporate, institutional and prominent-individual commitment to Weber County Community is evidenced by the over thirty educational, business and corporate individual partners profiled or displayed throughout this book. Their profiles or biographies in chapters of this book tell the story of their history, legacy and engagement throughout Weber County.

By partnering with HPN Books on this book-project, they helped to portray Weber County as an attractive place to locate, work and live, and thus contributed to strengthening of Weber County’s economy and growth as well as directly impact ed its civic engagement.

HPN Books is proud to have contributed to this major endeavor which also raised significant funding for the County Government through HPN Books’ revenue-sharing with the County.

The funds are raised form sold advertisements and profiles in this book. The proceeds are then shared with Weber County Government to be used to benefit the County’s Community.

For more information on our well-proven fundraising programs for book-sponsors including Governments, Economic Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and non-Profit Organizations, visit our website and/ or contact our President, Ron Lammert, at 800-749-0464, or e-mail Ron at

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