Historical Publishing Network’s (HPN) Cityscape series

PRODUCT: Cityscape Series
TOPIC: Weber County


The eye must be allowed to move about within the boundaries of an image. Not encompass it in one glance. A book that morphs photography with sharp commentary must be big enough to carry a given image’s dynamic. The HPN Books Cityscape coffee table book series is such a publication.

Engaging and unforgettable, this series explores the seemingly never-ending depths of your region with a keen artistic eye and pinpoint storytelling. Flipping through these pages is like gallery-going without the gallery. Your region on glorious display with teeming worlds of color and pageantry.

It’s the perfect jumbo size to showcase the vitality of your region that is absolutely picture perfect. What makes your region stand out? The HPN Books Cityscape series shows it and documents it for everyone to see, forever.

► Full color images that capture the vibrant lifestyle, rich heritage and essential character of your community

► Professional photography and a noted author approved or selected by you

► “Partners” section containing business profiles, which fund the project and honors those who have played a major role in the vitality of your region


Generous Royalties. HPN Books partners with counties, cities, state agencies, chambers of commerce, educational and cultural & historic preservation institutions, who sponsor the book, at no cost to them. With that sponsorship, HPN then underwrites the upfront costs associated with publishing a book. It’s important to understand that all of this is at no-cost or risk to you. HPN then secures the support of local businesses and institutions, which purchase profile pages in these books. By purchasing the profile pages, they prominently feature and advertise their organizations in a first-rate publication.

When the book is complete, you receive royalties on the Profiles sold by our dedicated Program Manager assigned to your book project to ensure the book’s successful outcome. You also receive copies of the book – at no cost – which you can sell, use as gifts and incorporate into promotions.

Raise $20,000 to $150,000 for your organization, and raise your profile!

No risk, very little effort on your part and royalties and a one-of-a-kind book. That’s what’s in it for you.


Weber County, Where People, Innovation & Recreation Connect

They were bold in dreaming, bold in persistence. This 264-page laminated hardcover with dust jacket celebrates the pioneering spirit that created the “beautiful mosaic” known as Weber County, Utah. This glorious book highlights in vivid detail the diverse people, landscape, educational resources, economic institutions and opportunities which comprise Weber County.


The book was a true regional effort, featuring a partnership between HPN Books and the Weber County Government along with Legacy Sponsors:

► Weber State University
► Lindquist Mortuaries/Cemeteries.

The book also featured various Leadership Sponsors, including:

► The City of Ogden, Utah
► The Home Depot, Ogden
► Staker Parson Companies
► Ogden Regional Medical Center
► Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital
► MarketStar
► Gridley, Ward & Hamilton Law Offices
► Ogden-Weber Tech College
► Autoliv ASP
► Great Basin Engineering
► Reeve & Associates
► Fresenius Medical Care North America
► US Foods
► Petersen Inc.
► Bank of Utah
► Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park.


HPN’S Cityscape series offers more than a coffee table book. It provides a historically aesthetic document that showcases the culture and character of your community. This project provided Weber County generous royalties. The key point is that Weber County took NONE OF THE RISK associated with publishing a photo journal. Rather, these communities leverage HPN Books’ 45 years of experience in publishing. As a result, their partnership results in financial benefits to their communities with almost no effort whatsoever. HPN does the heavy lifting, with an industry expertise and knowledge no community organization could possibly have or invest in, while still turning an attractive profit.


HPN Books could talk until we are blue in the face about why your community would benefit from working with use. But we’ll let others do our talking.

“This has been the easiest fundraiser we have tackled thanks to your efficient staff.”
– Martha Rehler, director,
New Braunfels (Texas) Conservation Society


The value of an HPN Books Cityscape series book is undeniable. Think it won’t work? Think again. It does and will for you as well.
CALL TODAY to speak to our President and Founder, Ron Lammert at 210-688-9004 or at: ron@hpncustommedia.com today to find how HPN Books create a Cityscape book for you.